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Sleep disturbances affect nearly everyone at some point. They occur when you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, which leads to daytime fatigue or sleepiness. Some common types of sleep disorders include:

What causes sleep disturbances? Effects of ongoing sleep disturbances may include: If you consistently have trouble sleeping, it's important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. They can help diagnose any underlying issues and recommend lifestyle changes or treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy or prescription sleep medications.
"At Endocrine Wellness Center, we specialize in using bioidentical hormone therapy to help patients overcome sleep issues related to hormonal imbalances. Our personalized treatments can help regulate cortisol, melatonin and other key hormones that support healthy sleep-wake cycles. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!"
Getting adequate, high-quality sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. Pay attention to your sleep needs and habits, and take action if you notice any persistent changes or disturbances. Consistent sleep promotes improved concentration, productivity, mood and overall well-being - effects we could all use a little more of!

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