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What is progesterone?

Progesterone is a steroid hormone that plays a vital role in the female menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Some key points about progesterone:

Progesterone levels vary throughout a woman's life. For optimal health, it's important to maintain adequate progesterone levels. Factors like stress, diet, and aging can lead to a progesterone deficiency.

What are the symptoms of low progesterone? Some key signs are:

If you're experiencing issues like these, get your hormone levels tested. Consider supplements or bioidentical hormones if deficient.

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How is progesterone administered? Progesterone can be taken:

The route depends on the needed dose and reason it's prescribed. Work with a doctor to determine what progesterone preparation is right for your needs.

In summary, progesterone is an essential reproductive hormone with wider impacts on female health. Insufficient levels can lead to issues like infertility and unpleasant period symptoms. Getting tested and addressing deficiencies under medical supervision can help restore balance and wellbeing.

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