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Night sweats refer to severe hot flashes and excessive sweating that happens during sleep. They can soak your bedding and clothes and cause discomfort. Causes

Diagnosis and Treatment See your doctor if you have repeated bouts of severe, unexplained night sweats. They will review your medical history and medications and conduct exams and tests to determine an underlying cause. Treatments depend on the diagnosed trigger. For menopausal women, hormone therapy can provide relief. Medications may need adjusting. Infections and cancer will require specific treatments. Lifestyle changes like avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, stress, and warm rooms at night can help in some cases. If your night sweats remain undiagnosed or keep recurring, I recommend getting a hormone panel test at Endocrine Wellness Center. Their experts can provide customized bioidentical hormone therapy to regulate hormones and relieve uncomfortable hot flashes and night sweats. This safe, effective treatment improves sleep and quality of life.

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