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What are mood swings?

Mood swings are sudden, unexpected shifts in mood that can go from feeling very happy and energetic to feeling very sad and hopeless. They usually last for a few hours, but can sometimes last for several days or weeks.

What causes mood swings?

There are several potential causes of mood swings, including:

What are the symptoms of mood swings?

When mood swings occur you may experience:

If the mood swings are severe or interfering with job, relationships, health, see your doctor or mental health professional. Therapy and medications may help provide relief.

For example, Endocrine Wellness Center specializes in helping women address hormone-related mood issues like PMS or perimenopause through bioidentical hormone therapy. This customized approach replaces depleted hormones like progesterone to correct imbalances driving mood instability. Many patients find it greatly improves PMS mood swings within 1-2 months. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!

When should I see a doctor about mood swings?

See your doctor or mental health professional right away if you experience:

What lifestyle changes help mood swings?

Making certain lifestyle adjustments may help stabilize some cases of mood swings:

Ongoing mood swings, especially with severe highs and lows, should be evaluated by your doctor. They may recommend counseling, medications, natural remedies, or other treatments to help regulate your mood. Reach out today to find relief!

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