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What is low libido?

Low libido, or low sex drive, is when an individual experiences a decreased interest in sexual activity and intercourse. It can affect both men and women and has many potential contributing factors.

Some key things to know about low libido:

Now to dive deeper into some key aspects of low sexual desire:

What Factors Contribute to Low Libido?

There are many potential biological, psychological, and interpersonal factors that can suppress libido, including:

Low libido has diverse causes so identifying the root issue is key. Our hormone doctors and sexual health professionals analyze all contributing variables. Customized low libido therapy empowers patients to reclaim intimacy.

What Are Signs And Symptoms of Low Libido?

How can you tell if your libido is indeed low versus undergoing a temporary fluctuation? Key signs and symptoms signaling low sex drive include:

If the above persist, reflect on when you felt differently. Gradually diminishing motivation for sex versus lifelong lack of interest can have different roots. Note also connection between mind and body - do you still get physically aroused? Trouble with sexual performance despite desire can contribute to avoidance.

Monitor your symptoms and determine if professional support could help uncover why your libido is lower than optimal. Meet with an understanding provider like our empathetic clinicians to create a safe space for difficult conversations about intimate struggles.

Don't wait, take action to address low libido.

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