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What is estrogen deficiency?

Estrogen deficiency occurs when estrogen levels in the body are too low. This happens most often during perimenopause and menopause in women, but can also occur due to other health conditions.

Some key points about estrogen deficiency:

Estrogen therapy can effectively relieve symptoms of estrogen deficiency. But it does have some health risks to consider. The experts at Endocrine Wellness Center can help analyze your hormone blood tests, diagnose any imbalances, and guide you through all your treatment options. Their integrative approaches combine bioidentical hormones, nutrition, fitness and stress reduction for customized and safe plans.

Now let's go over some key details about estrogen deficiency:

What Does Estrogen Do in the Body?

Signs and Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels

Common symptoms include:

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Causes and Risk Factors for Estrogen Deficiency

The main trigger is menopause, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen. But other possible reasons for low estrogen include:

Genetics, ethnicity, diet, lifestyle habits, and body weight also influence when estrogen levels decline.

Diagnosing Low Estrogen

Doctors diagnose this condition through:

They may also check vitamin D, thyroid function, and testosterone levels. Bone density scans help assess related risks like osteoporosis too.

Based on test results and symptom evaluation, they can determine if inadequate estrogen is causing health issues. They’ll rule out any other potential causes as well.

Treatment Options for Estrogen Deficiency

The most common treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to supplement estrogen directly.

Options include:

Lifestyle adjustments like diet, exercise, stress reduction and vaginal moisturizers and lubricants also help manage symptoms. Talk to your doctor to develop an integrated treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The bottom line is that estrogen deficiency can seriously impact women's health during menopause and beyond. Thankfully there are many safe and effective solutions available today to prevent, diagnose and treat hormone imbalance issues. Consult with a specialist like those at Endocrine Wellness Center to ensure you get the proper testing, care and guidance during this transitional life stage.

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