Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Muscle mass naturally decreases as we age in a process called sarcopenia. This leads to the loss of muscle strength and function that can impact daily living. However, other factors like poor nutrition, inactivity, illness, and hormonal changes can accelerate muscle loss earlier in life.

Signs of decreased muscle mass include:

Decreased muscle mass happens when muscle protein synthesis cannot keep up with the breakdown of muscle proteins. Contributing factors include:

The effects of low muscle mass include metabolic slowdown, increased fall risk, vulnerability to injury, slowed recovery, and loss of independence.

Building muscle with targeted exercise, proper nutrition, and hormone therapy can help regain strength and function. Resistance training with weights triggers muscles building and growth. High-protein foods provide muscles the nutrients they need. Hormone replacement therapy and supplements can help restore optimal hormone levels to support muscle growth.

Fitness experts at Endocrine Wellness Center specialize in customized programs to safely increase testosterone, growth hormone, and other vital hormones using replacement therapy. Their individualized plans pair hormone optimization with tailored nutrition and training guidance to help both men and women rebuild healthy muscle mass and restore vigor.

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