Decreased libido

What is decreased libido?

Decreased libido, or low sex drive, is when a person experiences a lower interest in sexual activity than is normal for them. This can negatively impact romantic relationships and a person's self-image. There are various potential causes of decreased libido including:

If you've noticed a persistent decrease in your libido, there are solutions that can help boost your sex drive. The medical providers at Endocrine Wellness Center specialize in treating hormone imbalances that inhibit libido through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition planning, and lifestyle changes. Their individualized treatment plans help both men and women reclaim their sexual vitality in a comfortable, judgement-free environment. Contact them today for a consultation!

Here are some steps you can take to naturally increase low libido:

Implementing small, consistent lifestyle and relationship changes can make a big difference in improving decreased libido. But if low sex drive persists or causes distress, consult your doctor or a specialist like Endocrine Wellness Center to uncover any underlying medical issues contributing to the problem. Regaining your sex drive and passion for life is possible with proper support!

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